Sunday, May 18, 2008

Converting GPX to KML files

GPX files are the most common format used for GPS tracklog files. But Google Earth accepts only KML files. Hence the need for a converter. I found this software called GPS Babel which converts GPX files to KML Files.

Here is a step by step instruction for converting GPX to KML:

  • Click on "Let's go"
  • You should now see the following text in the message window
  • gpsbabel.exe -p "" -w -r -t -i gpx -f "C:\TEMP DEL\Track saved on 2007-07-29 15_18_24.gpx" -o kml -F "C:\TEMP DEL\Track saved on 2007-07-29 15_18_24.kml"
  • And then:

  • Now you are ready to use the KML file. You can double click on the KML file that was just created to see the track log in Google Earth !

In my next post, I will probably list the steps that I followed to extract the track logs from my MIO C220 GPS to my computer.

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You should try also an online simple and free tool: